• Before your sunless tanning treatment make sure to shower and exfoliate. Do not use exfoliating products that are heavily oil-based, as these types of scrubs leave a residue that block the tanning process.


  • Make sure your body is free of make-up, moisturizer, oil, spf’s, perfume and deodorant.


  • For best results, schedule your sunless tanning session after you have completed the other beauty treatments in your routine including waxing, laser treatments, manicure and pedicure, hair appointments, etc.


  • Wear dark, loose fitting clothing.


  • Until you have completed your “treatment development time”, you should not expose your skin to water, excessive sweating, working out, other products (including lotions, crèmes, makeup, etc).


  • During your first shower, the color run off is just the cosmetic bronzer used as a color guide. This is not your tan washing off.


  • Use soap only where necessary. Scrubbing, exfoliating, shaving, and waxing will cause the tan to fade more quickly.


  • Moisturizing is imperative to preserve the length of time your tan will last. Moisturizing also helps ensure that your tan fades naturally and evenly.



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